Easy Bookkeeping Solution, See how simple bookkeeping can be with oBooks

oBooks provides small to medium businesses with an efficient accounting and online bookkeeping solution customised to your needs. We maintain all infrastructure, software and backups—you just pay a monthly subscription fee to use it or pay as you go. We service all of Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide.


Money is yours. So save it

oBooks’s simple bookkeeping will help you bring in more revenue by allowing you to focus on your growing business while we take care of the bookkeeping. Save money on accounting fees by using oBooks to organize your bookkeeping records with an online, complete and simple bookkeeping solution.

Save your time with simple bookkeeping

With oBooks, you will spend less time on accounting and bookkeeping paperwork, leaving you with more time to concentrate on your business and use that extra time with your family.

Know where you are

oBooks provides regular accounting reports that detail your business’s cash flow and profit margins. Our reports will give you a summary of the business performance.

Proactive Control

oBooks will help you to take action on your debtors who are delaying payments, by providing timely reports. We could even send you daily reports.


oBooks will take care of your GST/ Business Activity Statement (BAS) submission obligations and make sure everything is lodged on time. So you would be free from another headache.


You could focus more on your primary core business functions such as revenue streams when back-offce administrative tasks are handled by our simple bookkeeping service.

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